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Project Environment & Planning Approvals

Resource Strategies facilitates development approvals for major mining, energy and associated infrastructure projects and prepares comprehensive and timely environmental assessment documentation with the assistance of recognised experts across all environmental fields.

Our staff have technical breadth and are skilled in regulatory requirements, and oral and written communication.  Resource Strategies delivers quality assessment documentation that is targeted to issue resolution in consultation with key stakeholders, including regulatory authorities.

Strategic Advice & Expert Review

Resource Strategies provides its clients with strategic advice with respect to environmental risks, issues and regulatory consultation.  We provide or facilitate expert review on critical issues for timely resolution.

Our clients often use our services for Australia-wide review of particular environmental management practices across varying jurisdictions (e.g. permitting risks and opportunities, liability identification, and preparation for mine closure), or for due diligence in mergers and acquisitions.

Resource Strategies provides expert advice to industry associations and regulatory authorities regarding industry best practice and proposed changes to regulatory regimes.

Stakeholder Engagement & Government Liaison

Expert skills in negotiation, supported by depth of technical knowledge and experience allows Resource Strategies to provide its clients with industry leading expertise in stakeholder engagement and regulatory liaison across multiple jurisdictions.

Our clients have the benefit of our strong senior staff retention, with ongoing regulatory contact that can span the project lifecycle.

Environmental Management Systems & Plans

Resource Strategies provides an integrated approach to the preparation of Environmental Management Systems and Plans with overarching environmental assessments and approvals.

We facilitate strategic consultation with stakeholders including regulatory agencies and provide our clients with progressive completion of the required level of environmental management documentation in line with the development stage of the Project.

Resource Strategies assists clients to develop detailed management and monitoring strategies across a range of environmental aspects, including biodiversity, water resources, air quality and noise.  We also have experience in the preparation of Extraction Plan documentation for the management of subsidence impacts.

Mine Closure & Rehabilitation

Resource Strategies assists clients with strategic planning, design and implementation of rehabilitation and mine closure with engagement of relevant stakeholders, and the design of appropriate mitigation and remediation strategies to address key closure risks.  The team is also facilitating the planning and assessment of alternative post mining land uses as operations transition to closure. Resource Strategies’ strong technical expertise in the planning framework and land, biodiversity and water management are critical to this process.

Resource Strategies has demonstrated success in final rehabilitation and mining lease relinquishment at the Timbarra Gold Mine, near Tenterfield in northern NSW.

Auditing & Due Diligence

Resource Strategies assists our clients to achieve industry best practice, including industry wide reviews of environmental management practices. We help our clients to track and audit compliance across multiple regulatory approvals and provide advice on liability.

Our clients also use our knowledge and experience in legislation, environmental issues and approval risks during due diligence in mergers and acquisitions.

About Us

Resource Strategies was formed in 1996. Resource Strategies undertakes challenging commissions in a variety of regions and planning jurisdictions. Resource Strategies is results focussed and is committed to assisting the resources and energy business sectors in achieving better outcomes throughout the lifecycle of a project, from exploration, planning, feasibility and approvals, through operations, and into mine closure maintenance and relinquishment and post-development land uses.

  • Proven Track Record
  • Strategic Approach
  • Professional Negotiation
  • Broad Experience
Proven Track Record |

Resource Strategies has a track record of achieving successful approvals for large and complex projects. We have a demonstrated ability to obtain required approvals within operational timing constraints and budgets. We focus on delivering maximum project value through the approvals process, whilst maintaining a level of approvals and environmental risk that is appropriate for the client and within statutory and policy frameworks.

Strategic Approach |

We work closely with our clients to identify key environmental risks to project value and approval timing. Resource Strategies provides advice on project design, approval strategies and stakeholder engagement to assist clients to optimise their project value within the statutory and policy framework set by the relevant government authorities. Resource Strategies adopts an integrated strategic approach with each client to manage the environmental approval process from scoping to project delivery.

Professional Negotiation |

Successful management of stakeholder issues involves an experienced understanding of the interrelationships between technical, social and regulatory interfaces. We can assist clients to resolve stakeholder issues by developing negotiation strategies and facilitating access to key stakeholders.

Broad Experience |

Resource Strategies has coordinated environmental assessments and approvals for major resource and infrastructure projects in NSW, Queensland, Northern Territory and WA, including assessments under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act, 1999. Our staff are familiar with issues associated with coal, metalliferous and mineral sands mining and a variety of open cut and underground methods. Resource Strategies also coordinates approvals for mining related infrastructure, including ports, electricity transmission lines and water and gas pipelines.